Events List


Date: April 25,2021

Time: All Day

F-G6 Australian Centre for Contemporary Art (ACCA)

Date: April 28,2021

Time: 08:30:am - 03:30:pm

Permission Note home on 19 April.

We have been fortunate to secure a grant from Australian Centre for Contemporary Art (ACCA) for our students to participate in the 

District Cross Country

Date: May 14,2021

Time: All Day

Held at Broadford Motorcycle Complex - Parent helpers required.
NAPLAN Grade 3 & 5

Date: May 18,2021

Time: All Day

Language Conventions and Writing
NAPLAN Grade 3 & 5

Date: May 19,2021

Time: All Day

NAPLAN Grade 3 & 5

Date: May 20,2021

Time: All Day

F-Grade 6 to The Art Centre

Date: June 10,2021

Time: 09:00:am - 03:30:pm

Excursion to watch Parrwang Lifts the Sky by Deborah Cheetham at 10:30am in The Playhouse.

FYI:  Parrwang Lifts the Sky was written by Yorta Yorta soprano and composer

Queen's Birthday

Date: June 14,2021

Time: All Day

Movie Marathon Sleepover

Date: June 24,2021

Time: 06:00:pm - 09:00:am

Term 3 Begins

Date: July 12,2021

Time: All Day

F-G6 The Art Centre

Date: July 16,2021

Time: 08:30:am - 03:30:pm

The Lighthouse

Permission note home 12 July
Small School Cluster Athletics Carnival

Date: July 22,2021

Time: 10:00:am - 02:30:pm

Parent helpers required.
National Tree Planting Day

Date: July 30,2021

Time: 09:30:am - 03:30:pm

Students will complete a Biodiversity Audit.

They will then build and erect bee hotels and investigate a variety of ways to provide water sources to local wildlife as well as
Division Athletics

Date: August 27,2021

Time: 09:30:am - 02:30:pm

Parent helpers required.
Movie Marathon Sleepover

Date: September 16,2021

Time: 06:00:pm - 09:00:am

Term 4 Begins

Date: October 04,2021

Time: All Day

World Teachers' Day

Date: October 05,2021

Time: All Day

Curriculum Day

Date: November 01,2021

Time: All Day

No students required at school
Melbourne Cup Public Holiday

Date: November 02,2021

Time: All Day

No staff and students at school
Remembrance Day

Date: November 11,2021

Time: 10:45:am - 11:15:am

Commemorative assembly at school.