Curriculum Overview


AusVELS is the Foundation to Year 10 curriculum that provides a single, coherent and comprehensive set of prescribed content and common achievement standards, which schools use to plan student learning programs, assess student progress and report to parents.

AusVELS incorporates the Australian Curriculum F–10 for English, Mathematics, History and Science within the curriculum framework first developed for the Victorian Essential Learning Standards (VELS). AusVELS uses an eleven level structure to reflect the design of the new Australian Curriculum whilst retaining Victorian priorities and approaches to teaching and learning.


Reporting to Parents

In 2005 we introduced individual Student Portfolios.  These provide families with a record of student progress across all areas of the curriculum.  They are sent home twice a year with our formal written report. 

To give parents the very best opportunity to be involved with their child’s education, we conduct formal Parent/Teacher/Student Interviews throughout the year and send home comprehensive School Reports.


Parent/Teacher/Student Interviews

End of Second Term

End of School Year by arrangement


School Reports

End of Second Term (mid year)

End of School Year

In 2007, Tallarook Primary School implemented the ‘Student Report Card’ a Department of Education and Early Childhood Development requirement. We use Student Portfolios, Individual Learning Plans, informal interviews, written reports and formal interviews to communicate student progress in a timely and comprehensive manner.  We believe that correct reporting procedures need a balance between departmental requirements and parental needs and that reports are timely, informative and useful to all parties. 


Note:  At any stage during the year, parents are most welcome to request an interview with the teacher or Principal to discuss their child’s progress.